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Holiday season is in full swing! I don’t know about you but my family and friends find that every year it gets a bit tougher to pick gifts for me. I remind them that it is not the price or size of a gift that truly matters, it is the meaning and thought behind it. Think of what the recipient loves and start from there.

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It is already a little over a year since we officially became homeowners. We got exactly what we were looking for. A great 4 bedroom…

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The Gift Of Precious Metals This Christmas

This is a collaborative post. MinaSlater.com sometimes allows collaborators to submit posts which may be helpful to its readers. Any post on this website not…

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The tradition of picking matching wedding rings and bands has evolved into a personalized approach, i.e. people are choosing personalized rings and bands for their partners. Engravings, designs and even the material of the ring can be carefully selected for the person, who will be wearing it.



The changing seasons provide you with the perfect excuse to change things up a bit and refresh your wardrobe. So, today, for a change, I thought I would share a fashion roundup-style post.

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10 Of The World’s Most Glamorous Restaurants

This post is brought to you by Royal Elite Vodka. Finding fine, exclusive places to dine comes at a price and a little bit of…

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So it looks as though summer is drawing to a close; the evenings are getting darker, the sun seems to only make an appearance on certain days and there’s a slight chill and crisp in the early morning air. Autumn is a wonderful season to look forward to, with Halloween, Bonfire Night, cozy nights in, great TV and warm comforting food.

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